4 Common SEO Mistakes

We all like WordPress when it comes to SEO. However, in SEO it needs a little push to work in the right direction. Many SEO professionals who are working on onsite optimization of WordPress platform are surely making a few below mentioned mistakes.

The 4 SEO Mistakes

Lesser the mistakes better the work.

Missing XML sitemap: The simple rule people follow in the field of SEO is following anything they hear from Google in the form of an update. This is the reason why if Google says sitemap will help them to find pages of your site you should give sitemap to Google. Also, it’s not only about the sitemap; it also supplies additional information such as Meta tags or page updating and so on. Also, if you are working on a new site, a sitemap can make a big difference while discovering your site on search engine. E.g. if you were operating a dentist site, you should get a sitemap with the advice of scottkeeverseo.com/dentist-seo/.

Tagging and categorization: By not utilizing tags and categories you are missing a chance of getting more engagement and traffic on your website. On the contrary, if you are not using tags and categories properly, that will cause you more harm, which can also persuade a visitor to leave your website.

Dedicated categorization and tagging will help your visitors to find you easily and will also increase your onsite SEO. You will be able to grasp more traffic by the keyword those are relevant to your website.

Not using canonicalization URLs: It is the process of choosing the best URL, when you have many choices, and usually it is on the homepage. Simple is that if you do not disclose anything with Google, which version of a page to rank and index it will pick anything automatically to avoid this issue it is necessary to provide them a canonical URL. For this you have to follow three steps:

Disclose the way you want to present your website to WordPress.

Disclose URL which you want to use with Google.

You can also use plugins to ensure that canonical URLs are on all pages of your website.

Non-Optimization of the posts look in the SERPs: In any case, if the titles and descriptions are compelling sites can often come to lower rankings, this is the reason why you should often optimize the posts to give your site the best opportunity of bitterly click-through rate. There are two things you must take care of: Meta Title: In place of headings, Meta title will display on the SERP’s.

Meta descriptions: If you have not chosen Meta descriptions, then Google will use some part of your post which can confuse the users.

Unfortunately, you cannot define these in WordPress, but plugins can resolve your issues.

Mistakes are part and parcel of this profession but to be the best SEO agency one should avoid these basic mistakes as it will impact their performance. These are the typical SEO mistakes that are dangerous to the online business that you need to avoid to avoid to have a successful business marketing strategy.