Clean Air Ducts Can Mean a Healthier Home

Many homeowners neglect cleaning the air ducts in their home. These important components of the home’s heating and cooling system will, over time, accumulate a buildup of dust and other household debris. When regular yearly furnace or cooling system maintenance is done, consider having the ducts cleaned as well.

Cool air in the home is collected by return ducts that bring it to the furnace. The air is warmed, and then distributed back to the rooms through a series of ducts. This process can allow dust, pet debris, and other debris to become trapped within the ducts. Removing the buildup within the vents can help to improve air quality, and, if the buildup is causing a blockage, the air flow.

This process can be especially important for homes that have been recently constructed or have had renovations done as there may be excessive sawdust within the vents, as proven by Sugar Land Air Duct Cleaning. It should also be performed from time to time even if that is not the situation. Keeping the furnace filter clean and changing it regularly can also help to reduce the amount of debris within the ducts and therefore within the home.

Sometimes, especially in homes with small children, there can be more than dust within the vents. Toys, crayons, papers and other items can inadvertently be found. These items can cause blockages in the system if too much dust and debris collect around them, or if there are large or numerous things inside the vents.

To clean the ducts, a company will need to cut access panels into the duct work close to the furnace. Usually, they start with the cool air intake vents. All of the grills in the home are sealed, usually with a magnetic strip that will cling and help to seal the system. This allows for the most effective suction.

Most companies will use a truck-mounted vacuum system that has very powerful suction. Once the hoses are in place, and the entire system is sealed, the vacuum will be turned on. Sometimes, air will be blown in first, to loosen debris. The vacuum will then be used to suck out all of the dust and debris.

Sometimes, small holes will be made in the basement duct work to allow small tools to be inserted. This can allow for the dust to be agitated and sucked up easier by the vacuum system. Then, the furnace and air conditioner coil are cleaned. All access panels and small holes are sealed back up, and the system is ready to go.

Cleaning furnace and cooling system vents take a couple of hours. It is a good idea, and while there is no concrete scientific proof that it improves air quality, it can be beneficial, in particular for people that have respiratory problems or allergies.

It can also help to reduce the dust that is circulated within the house. If they have not been cleaned in some time, cleaning the air ducts can improve the operating efficiency of the furnace.

Can you maintain your air ducts? Yes. But get the professional help to know whether to get your air ducts checked when you notice a change in your power bill, or when you notice a change in the flow of air. Any kinds of constraints can effect these changes, and they can be corrected with a qualified technician.