Importance of a big sign for your retail store


Have you ever wondered about the impact of retail store signage on your growing business? If Not! Then I must say, you have landed on the right place to know about it.

A store signage is something that displays your customers about the products you are dealing with. In many cases, we have observed generally that it is ignored, but you will be surprised to know that this plays a vital role in the growth of your business.

“First Impression is the last impression”, this phrase suits it better as it is the visualization of your product in the form of graphics! Talking further, there are basically two types of business awnings we talk about.

These are Exterior Signs and Interior Signs:

Let us discuss them one by one in detail.

Exterior Signs:

Exterior signs are the physical representation of your business. Let us take an example: Suppose you are looking at the shops while passing by the roads. What would you notice first? Your answer would be of course the external signage of the shop! Now suppose you have two shops nearby, one with improper characters used, paint peeled out, flickering bulbs and the other with stylish and up to date design, attractive storefront. Whom you will choose in between these two?

We all know the answer. You need not to answer this one.

Interior Signs:

As now the customer is inside your store, your next and the dedicated target is to make the customer purchase your product.

To make this happen, use of the eye catching interior is important.

Use such fun and catchy lines in the interiors that make the customers even notice the items they might have not even noticed of. And the deal is done! When they will stop for a while to read that, it is the time for you to make the sale. Also, use easy and purposeful signs to ease the purchase as if the customers are willing to get on the second floor or looking out for dressing room. It should be easy to get there.

Along with it, various branding as well as offers can also be displayed using the interior signs.

But one thing should be made very clear to you all. Excess of everything causes loss.

As the signs should not be used so excessively that may confuse the customers that where to look and thus ends in overwhelming gesture by your business. On the same hand, it should also be not used so little that your store looks barren and not at all interesting.

You must have to maintain a right balance in between these two.

As far you get to know the importance as well as the types of the retail signage. Now, it’s time to note down certain points which we are going to discuss:

  • Tips while Installing Retail Signage:
  • It should be viewed by everyone. Decide the installing location carefully.
  • It should be straight forward. It should not confuse customers.
  • It should never block the entrance of the store
  • It should be written in such an informative manner that would be enough to create
    an impact on the minds of the customers.
  • Do not use irrelevant information. Keep it simple with prescribed information.

Time to Wrap Up:

Most of the businesses still use traditional advertising such as Television, Newspaper, radio etc that ends up costing a huge cost per thousand.

Whereas Retail Signing is such a way that attracts a huge traffic to your store even without breaking your bank! Interesting, isn’t it?