Is It Possible to Replace Your Social Security Card Without a Birth Certificate?

This question is of utmost importance! Is it really possible to replace your social security card without an original copy of your birth certificate or a legally certified copy? Some research findings indicate that the most important part of the social security document are the nine digits which if one can remember, play an important role as having the literal card. One actually scarcely needs the entire card unless when actually moving jobs and the new employer demands for it. If this be the case which most certainly is, then we can basically ascertain the claim that it is possible to replace your social security card without a birth certificate from

Moreover, when replacing or applying for a new social security card, although a variety of original documents are needed, it is not stated that a birth certificate is compulsory or a most. It is presented as a probability in a case where the is necessity to determine the individual’s current nationality or citizenship. Thus if documents such as a passport, a driver’s license or a state issued non-driver identification card are available for example, they serve the same purpose relatively as would a birth certificate, bearing in mind that to produce all these other identification documents their primary source was the birth certificate.

Further supporting this point that is it possible to redo a social security card without necessarily making use of one’s birth certificate is evident in the fact that acquiring a new one can be done online. This is possible using your online “my social security” account if you meet certain requirements. All that is required at this juncture is logging into your account and following the given instructions to replace the social security card. This is safe, very convenient and practical.

It is however worth noting that applying for a social security card as an adult living in the United States, to proof your citizenship as a US citizen, the birth certificate is amongst those documents initially required especially if you are doing your social security card for the first time. This is so because only an original birth certificate can show or attest to the person’s age. Other documents that serve the same purpose in proving citizenship include a passport or a naturalization certificate. The said documents must be US affiliated and be the originals too. Only then can the process continue in absence of a birth certificate.

Summing up this article, one can come to the keen understanding that a birth certificate as important as it is to an individual and in acquiring his or her social security card or getting a replacement in case it was previously lost, there are certain circumstances which would make an exception for a replacement social security card to be done with other original documents as mentioned in the write up, especially if the birth certificate has an issue which accounts for why it is not available at the moment.