Same Day Social Security Card Replacements

Do you know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) receives millions of application each year from applicants? Since the last quarter of 2015 the SSA has processed close to a million replacement requests for social security cards. One interesting thing to note is that the SSA allows for card replacements not more than three times in a single year and not more than ten times in an individuals’ lifetime. There are several reasons why one may need to get a social security card replaced. Some of the reasons below are very common among security card applicants.
Health Insurance Application: Health insurers in most cases accept Social security number (SSN) for documentation but in some exceptional cases they may request for hard proof in the form of a social security card, such as in

Lost SSN: You may forget your SSN or misplace the piece in which it was written. Requesting for a replacement card can be a lifesaver particularly when you are hard pressed to present it for any reason whatsoever.

Opening a Bank account: Some banks in the US do not accept SSN’s for account opening rather they demand the actual card for better account security.

Job purposes: In some organizations, there are sensitive positions of authority that require significant security background checks before you qualify to occupy them. The management of the firm demand social security card among other documents for job processing.

Credit card application: Financial institutions demand them as an actual cover against fraud and risk exposure.

These are a few reasons why people apply for social security card replacements. In a situation where you are hard pressed for time, going through the normal process could take you a much longer time than you can afford. An average applicant needs to wait at least 7-14 days to get it. The vital information on how to get the same day social security card replacement is a common question often asked by those who have limited time.

For starters, social security cards and numbers are meant for one fundamental reason. To ensure security. It behooves on the government to do whatever is necessary to protect the lives and property of its citizens. Like anything of worth, it takes time to process this security document. The SSA needs to link the records of applicants, conduct background checks for criminal records and also to verify if the documents submitted are genuine and accurate. These processes take time therefore an applicant who seeks security card replacement will have to be patient for just a little while for about a week but not more than two weeks. The quickest means available to the public is to simply
– Download the SS4 form from the SSA’s online portal and fill it as directed. Also the applicant will need to attach at least two of the requested documents and the submit for processing. Another option is to;
– Delivering a mail by hand or courier to the nearest SSA office closest to you. Submitting physical documents along with the application form will speed up processing.

Technology is fast improving so time may yet come when card replacement processing may take a shorter timeframe for delivery. So a means of how to get a same day social security card replacement may not be open to the public as of now but times change so does technology. Till then we make do with the option open to us and hope for the best.