Staying relevant with current trends and development of technology

Each business can only be successful if it changes with current trends and development of technology. The risk of business is just to cop up with changing trends and the current trend is spending money online. People today spend a lot of dollars online and so any new business can work with providing reviews of products and adding a ‘buy now’ link to it.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have linked a payment processor to your website. People pay via payment processors they trust and tried earlier. Therefore, you need to choose a payment processor which can satisfy the needs of your customers and is easy to use and understand. You can find a suitable payment processor fromĀ

The most important factor while choosing any payment processor is security. Your payment processor should be able to spot fraudulent payments. Security is important for both you and your buyers. You should make sure that the information on your customer’s credit card and bank account is safe and is not shared with someone. Security is the main focus of any business and can lead to complete failure of your business if there are security issues.

There are many payment processors available nowadays with each one having their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the more popular processors include:


PayPal is probably the most widely used and catered for worldwide, and are integrated into many popular business websites such as eBay. However, they do have district disadvantages. PayPal does not provide a receive” facility for many countries, thus rendering it useless as a payment collection tool for many. When applying for a PayPal account, make the effort to search the site for the list of countries with the relevant services applicable, to ensure that you are able to use it. Even if you are in a country that may not receive money to PayPal, you can still use it to make payments via your credit card, and since PayPal is a sole method of payment for many sites, it is worthwhile having. PayPal has also become very difficult of late with MLM and similar programs, and are becoming known for freezing accounts. This, along with other frustrations, has led to other processors becoming increasingly popular.


Alertpay has become your most viable alternative to PayPal and is a must in your processor portfolio. Having a verified Alertpay account gives you much credibility online.


What is true of Alertpay can be said for STP as well. While not as widely used perhaps, they offer great additional facilities such as funding your STP account with your credit card, and also have an International Debit card available which you can load with your STP funds.


Strictpay is a relative newcomer, but gaining much popularity. You can fund Strictpay with STP, and they also have a Visa Debit card to withdraw funds with.


Liberty Reserve is a bit of a strange horse but sometimes needed. The downside to LR is that you always have to work through currency exchangers to get money in and out, and it always comes at a premium. However, LR seems a fairly good way to work with those “offshore” funds you never want to talk about.