The Lumberjack’s Balm

In the modern day world, facial hair is commonly associated with manliness. With trends such as the Lumberjack look gaining prominence among men, beards have developed into the ultimate indicator of masculinity. However, anybody who has successfully grown his beard from a simple goatee to an extensive mane knows that it is not as easy as health class teachers try to make it. Apart from basic growth, maintenance is critical in ensuring your beard not only grows but also looks presentable. This is where beard balm comes in with

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is essentially a pomade used to both style and maintain beards. Due to its relatively viscous texture, it is smeared on one’s beard where its moisturizing attributes work to soften the beard as well as the adjoining skin. Unlike beard oils, it works better on larger beards but even in the case of short facial hair, it could still be utilized. Its constituent elements (beeswax, butter, carrier oils and essential oils) all work in tandem to ensure your beard is both healthy and presentable.

Merits of Beard Balm

Although many people may cite past male generations that simply washed their beards to ensure decent outward appearance, the advantages of beard balm cannot be scoffed at. These include:

-Moisturizing the beard by way of its essential oils.

-Eliminating dandruff thereby relieving the itching commonly associated with beard growth.

-Easing the grooming process by smoothening hair follicles thereby facilitating simpler combing.

-Nourishing the skin around the area of application to ensure an all-round presentable look.

-Enhancing bears scent as a result of the aromas instilled into most, if not all, beard balms.

Beard Balm Versus Beard Oil

Despite the numerous benefits aligned with beard balm, many men still tend to prefer beard oils due to ease of application. Since the oils tend to be more fluid in state, they present as simpler alternatives when application is considered while still providing similar benefits.

However, what beard balm lacks in eased application, it makes up for in longevity and efficiency. Due to the presence of beeswax, the balm manages to lock in the added beard moisture thereby enabling it to last longer.

Additionally, when large beards are considered, oils may not be able to cover every single bit of the beard. Conversely, combed in balm ensures every follicle is catered for thereby enhancing the overall beard health and appearance.

Despite this, beard balm and oils can be used simultaneously to good effect. If both these substances are applied in the appropriate ratios, beard lovers can enjoy the best of both worlds without necessarily compromising on quality.

All in all, beard balm is essential for any man looking to grow his beard. Whether you want a massive mane or simply a semblance of facial hair, balm will ensure both the health and appearance of your beard is taken care of. Although earlier generations were not privy to these products and still managed to maintain beards, who wouldn’t want to better their beard appearance with readily available balm? I know I would.