The wonders of a good beard trimmer

The modern day man faces a different set of grooming challenges than his gruff, stubbled, Marlboro man predecessor. The modern man today is a Metropolitan man. He looks good, he smells good, he enjoys the finer things in life. The modern man takes care of himself, and he spares no expense to this end. A long scraggly beard definitely has no role to play in his lifestyle. And herein lies a huge problem. What is the modern man to do about that pesky beard?

In comes the booming business of beard trimmers. And behind it stands the powerful Remington company. Remington company is among the world leaders in manufacturing personal care products. Its biggest claim to fame was actually its amazingly low budget and high quality beard trimmer. Which is why they are still among the world leaders in quality beard trimmer production. A quick Google search for the best list of beard trimmers would reveal at least one, two, or more of Remington’s products, e.g.

So what makes the Remington beard trimmer the best? Remington are known for their high quality beard trimmers. Most of their products are also very affordable, and can be bought by the average person. A typical Remington beard trimmer comes in a simple box with a set of instructions, a comb, a brush and the power cord. However, the functionality of these beard trimmers is anything but simple. They have a standard dial with a nine length setting, which means you can set the length of hair you want to shave off through nine different lengths. Typically a higher setting is ideal for a longer beard, while a lower setting is perfect for a closer shave.

The beard trimmer also has a rechargeable battery, whose most interesting feature is that it does not overcharge. This means that you can leave it plugged in for up to two weeks and it will not affect the functionality of the trimmer. Remington advises that once you buy the beard trimmer, you should first charge it for up to twelve hours, after which you can use it at your leisure. You should also use the battery to completion once every six months, to maintain tip-top functionality.

When shaving using a Remington beard trimmer, the different lengths settings make for an interesting experience. A general word of advice to all shaving men out there; when shaving your mustache or goatee area you need to do it sequentially. First, shave it to a manageable level using a Remington beard trimmer, say level 3 or 4. Next, shape your beard well using a razor or an electric shaver. Finally, shave it down to the desired size using your Remington, level 1 or 2. This trick will yield the best results. Anyway, the Remington beard trimmers are perfect for beard shaving, chest hair shaving, or the shaving of any other body part. They make for a really close shave, which is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve that neat look.

You should however couple a Remington beard trimmer with other alternative shaving methods. This is because, as with all other beard trimmers, they only trim your beard. You will not achieve a Vin Diesel-smooth shave with a Remington beard trimmer. You will need to trim down your beard (or hair) first, then finish it off with a razor or an electric shaver. This is the only way to yield the smoothest results.

In conclusion, the Remington beard trimmers are the best because of the attention to detail that was put into them in their design, and their amazing functionality. You will be hard pressed to find something to complain about when it comes to these exquisite works of art.