Things To Include In A Checklist For Moving Homes

Moving houses is a tricky task. One minute you’re in one place, feeling like home, with everything in your room perfectly placed the way you want it. And the next thing you know, all your things are packed in bags and in some corner of a huge pick-up truck. The worst part of moving to a different place is not only the fact that you have to get used to living in a new home, but also losing or breaking your things, when to get the keys to your new place, delay of the pick-up truck or delay of the owners, screw ups by the people you hire and so one.

Even though some of these things you can not control, some things can be avoided through properly planning and organised packing techniques. And the base of an planning technique is a checklist of tasks to do . And that is why , today, we will give you an idea of how to write a checklist based on the amount of time you have before moving. Save time by going through

One month before moving:

Moving to a new home may not seem like a time-consuming task but it is much better to start as soon as you can. And so, it is convenient is you can start approximately 30 days before you plan to move. A month before that day you do not have to do too many major tasks. Do whatever you can make time for in between you work schedule. That is more than enough. So, your checklist will look a little something like the following –

1.Select the day you want to move and let all the members of your family know.

2.If you are moving to a rented place, let the landlord know when you are planning to move.

3.Get cartons, luggage, bags-basically, gather the things you will pack you things in.

4.Decide which things you will not be needing anytime soon and pack them.

5.Search for good hospitals, grocery shops in your new area.

6.Label the boxes based on different commodities and keep space for other things similar to the ones you are packing.

2 weeks before moving:

This is around you time you pack up things you are currently using, but you can work without. These may include-lamps, extra multi-plugs, books, some kitchen utensils, etc. This is around the time you also make important calls related to moving. The checklist will look something like the one below:

1.Make preparations to change the postal address.

2.Notify others who will need to know like newspaper, magazine companies.

3.Pack your valuable things and separate them in a box.

4.Make sure to label boxes and write a small note on.

5.Discuss time and money regarding helpers and pick-up trucks.

6.If you are moving to an independent house, talk to electricity and water supplier.

7.Notify your internet service provider.

2-3 days before moving:

This is when you have more or less everything packed. The checklist here will be short but you need to maintain it properly for the next few days in order to stay organised.

1.Pack all your clothes.

2.Lock all your luggage and keep one/two for each member(keep 2/3 out).

3.Pack your shoes(keep 2/3 out).

4.Gather all your things in a room closest to the door or where the pick-up truck will stop.

5.If you can visit your house once more to check everything.

On the day of moving:

On the day of moving it is more about timing of who will work at which time. It is important to gather that information while making this list.

1.Right before moving, pack the last things that are out separately as you will need them at your new home.

2.Check to see whether you have the keys to your new place.

3.Move the boxes, luggage, bags directly to whoever will take which room.

4.Let the ISP, electricity and water providers know which time they can work at your place.

5.Clean the house properly before placing your things.

6.Check the entire place for renovation and inform to your landlord.

Lastly, while moving make sure you keep all your things safe and hire from a pick-up truck company or helpers from somewhere you can trust.